227g MACA (SIS)

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227g Maca (Sun is Shining)

Grown on the highest peaks of the Peruvian Andes, maca is the highest-altitude crop in the world. This root resists harsh climatic conditions and feeds on the rich Andean soils for almost 2 years, until the day of its harvest.

In addition to being consumed by the Incas to conceive, it is known as a vitalizing and energetic food.

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Weight 2399999009900 lbs


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Content227g Maca (Sun is Shining) Grown on the highest peaks of the Peruvian Andes, maca is the highest-altitude crop in the world. This root resists harsh climatic conditions and feeds on the rich Andean soils for almost 2 years, until the day of its harvest. In addition to being consumed by the Incas to conceive, it is known as a vitalizing and energetic food.Total Natural MISANE PLUS Hair Revitalizer. Wanting to have healthy, shiny, and full of life hair that is natural?  A beautiful mane speaks well of us and even gives us security. Let's be honest ... Who has not invested in beauty hair treatments? From dyes to products for straightening or curling, shampoos, creams or flat iron. All this is valid when it comes to looking beautiful. However, the chemicals and heat deteriorate the strand little by little and without realizing it, our hair loses life. That is why we created Misane Plus®, the most effective hair care treatment designed in capsules to guarantee you a 100% chemical-free and highly effective product. First symptoms of damaged hair:
  1. Loss of hydration: If you feel your hair coarser, find split ends and become increasingly difficult to style, you are losing hydration.
  2. Loss of shine: Sun rays and exposure to heat cause the hair to lose its pigment, becoming opaque.
  3. Loss of volume: Do you feel that when you make a tail, it is getting thinner? Normally women who have a lot of hair notice it, and this is due to the lack of elasticity and porosity of the strand.
  4. Hair loss: If every time you shower or comb your hair you notice that significant amounts of hair fall out, you should pay attention because it is a symptom of weakness in the scalp due to lack of nutrients.
Misane Plus® in capsules is the quintessential hair treatment to strengthen hair, increase its natural shine, accelerate its growth and prevent hair loss. The characteristic that makes Misane Plus® the most effective treatment for hair care is that the benefits of the extracts that make it up are available in ultra-concentrated quantities within the body, allowing them to act at the blood level from the internal structures of the hair. , progressively showing positive results. Unlike traditional treatments that act externally and for short periods (which lasts its application). Misane Plus® is a complex of nutrients that are present at all times allowing a more effective repair and protection. The extracts contained in each capsule enter the bloodstream and from there directly feed the hair follicle allowing the strand to grow beautiful from its formation. In addition to being capsules based on natural ingredients, it is guaranteed to be a 100% chemical-free product and other components that are contained in the products of direct application, therefore they do not generate any type of damage or mistreatment to the hair. How does Misane Plus® work in the body? Misane Plus® formulated with potentized extracts of Millet and Wheat Germ Oil, essential ingredients to strengthen the follicle, from the root, works by reversing the processes of alopecia (hair loss) and at the same time promoting the growth of new hair. Millet is a plant rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron, silicon, magnesium and essential nutrients for the beauty and health of the hair. Contains: Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) Normalizes the physiological parameters of the scalp, promoting good health and appearance of the hair. They are vitamins that tone the nervous system, so they cushion the impact of stressful situations in our lives on our hair health. L-Cysteine: it is one of the most recommended amino acids for alopecia, they provide a great influence on the growth of new hair, while it supplies sulfur to the hair cells to increase the strength of the hair. L-Cysteine ​​is used for the transport of minerals, such as iron and zinc, essential for the treatment of baldness. For its part, Wheat Germ Oil provides significant amounts of trace elements, amino acids, proteins and micronutrients, which reach the bloodstream, guaranteeing rapid and effective absorption in each strand, allowing greater volume and shine. The emollient properties of Misane Plus® can significantly benefit dry hair, reducing frizz, smoothing hair and cuticle, as well as reducing split ends. It is especially beneficial for chemically damaged hair and for hair that undergoes frequent washing or is heavily exposed to styling with heat sources.
  • Box with 60 capsules 350 mg
  • Therapeutic indications: Food supplement that by its composition revitalizes the hair, gives shine and minimizes hair loss.
  • Dose: From 1 to 2 capsules a day. Orally
  • Composition: Wheat Germ, Millet Extract, Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and L-cysteine
  • Active principle: Great richness in Vitamin B5, Linoleic, Oleic and Palmitic fatty acids.
Total Natural STRENOLAX Laxative. Easy solution against constipation Constipation is an increasingly frequent disease in the population affecting people of any age. Factors such as poor diet, low fiber diets, stress, and lack of physical activity contribute to the fact that more and more people are affected by this condition, which although it seems harmless, can bring major problems in the long term if not properly treated. A person who makes less than 3 bowel movements a week is considered "constipated". A healthy body performs up to 1 stool daily without pain or discomfort. Strenolax® is a natural treatment par excellence that regulates gastrointestinal activity, avoiding constipation symptoms, allowing you to enjoy a healthier life. Detect the main symptoms of constipation:
  1. 3 bowel movements or less in a week.
  2. Difficult bowel movement.
  3. Dry and solid bowel movement.
  4. Painful defecation
  5. Lack of bowel movement.
  6. Infrequent bowel movements.
  7. Straining to defecate.
  8. Abdominal pain.
Why is Strenolax® so effective? It improves the constipation pictures: It increases the intestinal movement as well as the secretions of water, electrolytes and proteins, making the stool softer, allowing more frequent and painless stools. Does not generate dependency: Being a natural product, it acts effectively without irritating the intestine, nor causing side effects. Protects the intestinal flora: Its extracts cross the stomach and small intestine without being absorbed, reaching the colon without any alteration, where they are hydrolyzed and converted into metabolites that activate the digestive enzymes of the intestinal flora allowing a smooth and natural defecation. How does Strenolax® work in your body? Strenolax® is the natural treatment for mild constipation or constipation. Ideal for sporadic pictures of constipation, which are caused by problems in the digestive system or due to poor diet. It generates an effective action that does not cause any stomach upset. Its extracts of Rhamni purshiana and Cassia angustifolia: are considered within natural medicine as the ideal plants for constipation since they act effectively in a few hours and do not produce irritation or side effects. They act in the organism increasing the muscular contraction of the large intestine, as well as the intestinal secretions of water, electrolytes and protein, making the stool softer, facilitating the number of evacuations, allowing the intestine to stay healthy.
  • Box with 50 capsules of 500 mg.
  • Therapeutic indication: Specially formulated to relieve constipation.
  • Dose: 1 to 2 capsules daily (at bedtime). Orally.
  • Composition: Rhamni purshiana 350 mg, Cassia angustifolia 150 mg
  • Active principle: Rhamni purshianae: Hydroxyanthracene heterosides. Cassia angustifolia: Sennosides A, B, C and D.
Migraine is distinguished as a set of symptoms that, in addition to headaches, cause nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to noise and light. The pain can occur in the entire head or affect only part of it, there is a throbbing sensation and general discomfort. It usually worsens with physical activity or exertion movements and improves with rest. There are many triggers for migraine, one of them is the abnormal behavior of brain cells towards Serotonin. During a migraine attack, changes in serotonin levels affect the blood vessels in the brain, causing them to constrict and tense. This tension in the blood vessels reduces the oxygen supply to the brain, causing painful migraines. Migrafin® works by preventing constriction of the blood vessels that trigger headaches, it also contains parthenolide's that block the release of serotonin, effectively preventing migraine attacks. Can I avoid migraine episodes? Migraine is a very common neurological disorder and is suffered by about 15-20% of the population and up to 50% of women. Certain foods, drinks, changes in the sleep cycle, stress, dehydration and/or hunger, external stimuli, physical effort, hormones, among other factors, trigger migraine symptoms. If you suffer from these conditions and identify the factors that activate the disease, avoid exposing yourself as brain protection is of vital importance to keep the general functioning of the body in excellent condition. Say goodbye to the migraine in your life!
  • It prevents vasoconstriction, avoiding pain.
  • It blocks the production of serotonin, preventing migraine attacks.
  • Reduces inflammation, relieving discomfort.
How does Migrafin® work in the body? Migrafin® is the first natural treatment formulated with ultra-potent extracts of Tanacetum parthenium, known as feverfew, native to Europe, where it has been used in medicinal treatments for hundreds of years. Its active ingredients contain important antioxidants responsible for eliminating serotonin spikes that cause migraines. Migrafin® reduces the frequency of migraine symptoms, until they almost disappear. Start the Migrafin® treatment now, identify the triggers, try to avoid them and take into account the importance of making adjustments to your lifestyle, such as healthier eating and regular physical activity.
  • Box with 60 capsules of 450 mg.
  • Use:  Migraine relief
  • Dose: 1 capsule 3 times a day. Orally.
  • Composition: Tanacethum parthenium extract, Matricaria 0.2% Parthenolides 125 mg, Tanacethum parthenium, Matricaria (leaf) 200 mg.
Mind and soul in perfect harmony. Our feelings are a really important part of our lives. They define the way we live experiences and adventures. And also the way we remember our experiences. Do you feel confident or optimistic and then something steals your peace? Do you feel a sense of sadness and only long for those days when you enjoyed activities with real joy? There is no joy without sadness, there is no energy without weakness, nor tomorrow without dusk, everything is part of the duality of life. Mood swings are therefore a natural part of our life. However, there are emotions that are more intense and tend to be difficult to control. Living situations of high tension, work stress or personal problems generates emotional instability. There are even situations such as thyroid dysfunction or hormonal changes during menopause that can upset our mind-body balance. Feeling emotionally unbalanced for a long time is the beginning of a depressed state. Felise® contains the Hypericin molecule that produces an antidepressant effect. This substance works at the brain level, restoring the balance of neurotransmitters (serotonin and norepinephrine), restoring the ability to enjoy normal activities, maintaining a good state of mind and allowing you to enjoy greater emotional stability. It works in a similar way as pharmacological drugs do with the benefit of not presenting their severe side effects. Felise® does not generate dependency, does not interfere with your social life, does not alter your libido and is also highly therapeutic. Scientific studies show that the Hypericin molecule has a therapeutic effect, similar to Prozac and also with a better safety profile. It is natural to have emotional ups and downs but it is not natural for them to stay for long Depressive balance can become a delicate problem, especially when it is long lasting and moderate to severe intensity. It can cause great suffering, become chronic or recurrent, and significantly hinder performance and the ability to cope with daily life. To resolve emotional disorders, the active participation of people suffering from this condition and their loved ones is essential. The first step is to recognize it and seek support. The sooner treatment is started, the greater its effectiveness. Felise® is the optimal treatment for depressive balance.
  • Box with 60 capsules 350 mg
  • Use: Helping in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.
  • Dose: 1 to 3 capsules at bedtime. Orally.
  • Composition: Hypericum perforatum (St John's-wort)
Total Natural Gold Complete Multivitamin. Gold Complete® is formulated with vitamins and minerals that maintain physical and mental vitality after age 55. Elderly people do not get enough vitamins and minerals that the body needs to fight against diseases caused by aging such as high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. What happens in the body when there are vitamin deficiencies? After age 55, hormonal changes make it increasingly difficult for the body to absorb needed amounts of vitamins and minerals from food. As Dr. McKay of Tufts University points out, our intestines become less efficient as our age increases, particularly when they are over 50 or 60 years old. This limits the body's ability to obtain sufficient nutrients from food. The lack of vitamins in the body or the bad absorption of these can lead to many serious health problems such as:
  1. Increased risk of infection.
  2. Increased chances of pneumonia.
  3. Muscle and bone weakness, which can cause falls and serious fractures.
  4. Digestive disorders, which can lead to major problems of malnutrition.
  5. Confusion, memory problems, and decreased cognitive levels.
  6. Increased chances of hospitalization.
Gold Complete® is formulated with vitamins and minerals that maintain physical and mental vitality after age 55. Daily consumption of Gold Complete® allows for a healthier life, providing the body with the necessary vitamins in the appropriate doses for proper functioning. Part of the benefits of consuming essential vitamins for the body are:
  1. Less risk of contracting diseases or infections.
  2. Better functional state of the organism.
  3. More energy and vitality to carry out daily tasks.
  4. A more independent and full life.
  5. Better life quality.
How does Gold Complete® work in the body? Gold Complete® is the nutritional supplement that will keep you healthy, active and with the energy that your body requires to achieve optimal levels of dynamism and activity at this stage of life. Extracts:
  • Vitamin D and Calcium: According to Dr. Diane Mckay, bone loss accelerates from the age of 50, increasing the risk of fractures or diseases such as osteoporosis. Calcium helps bones stay denser and stronger, and vitamin D supports calcium absorption.
  • Vitamins B1, B6, and B12: The deficiency of these vitamins causes depression, fatigue and a decrease in muscle mass, weight loss and weakness. In addition, diabetic or hypertensive patients have a higher risk of suffering from these diseases since their bodies have greater difficulties in absorbing the B vitamins.
  • Vitamin B1: is responsible for regulating functions of the nervous system such as neurotransmission and metabolization of sugars and proteins in the blood.
  • Vitamin B6: it is involved in appetite control and fat metabolism.
  • Vitamin B12: improves memory, appetite, prevents depression and chronic fatigue. It also fights intestinal atrophy for proper absorption of nutrients, preventing anemia.
  • Ginseng: Stimulates mental functions and memory. It stimulates the production of lymphocytes, increasing the defenses in the body and strengthening the immune system. It also helps the body's functionality by improving the quality of life and prolonging aging.
  • Beta carotenes: They cover the needs of the organism contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system, the heart, optimizing brain, eye and bone health.
Because life begins at age 55, take Gold Complete® and overcome day-to-day challenges with success and satisfaction.
  • Box with 60 capsules 350 mg
  • 2 capsules a day. Orally.
  • Composition: Ginseng, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Biotin, Folic Acid, Calcium, Zinc, Iron and Magnesium.
  • It is not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating women.
Weight2399999009900 lbsN/A3565901030000 lbs3565901030000 lbsN/AN/A
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Weight 2399999009900 lbs
Weight 3565901030000 lbs
Weight 3565901030000 lbs
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