9L / 90 Washes Vanish Liquid Stain Remover Pink (PriceSmart)



Vanish Liquid Stain Remover Pink 9L / 90 Washes (PriceSmart)


Vanish® GEL Multiuse gives you double performance * and double stain removal action ** to facilitate the washing of your clothes, as it removes stains faster and more precisely. Because its formula does not contain chlorine, it is safe to use in colors and fabrics *** to completely remove stains from your favorite garments. Discover its effectiveness in removing stubborn stains so you stop carving and struggling. * Vs. Previous formula of Vanish® liquid according to instructions for use in pre-treatment. ** Double action stain remover because it contains two active ingredients: peroxide and surfactants. *** Following instructions for use soak. Not suitable for use on leather.


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