2.8 kg Vanish Powdered Stain Remove Pink (PriceSmart)



Vanish Powdered Stain Remove Pink 2.8 kg (PriceSmart)


With the power of Vanish® Oxi Action® Multipower and its formula with 10 times more active oxygen * it acts effectively to remove difficult stains such as sweat, coffee and wine, in following pre-soak and pre-treatment instructions for use, revive colors preventing your clothes will be ruined if another one becomes discolored (1) and remove bad odors (2)._x000D_ In addition, it now disinfects4 your clothes thanks to sodium percarbonate that is capable of eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.9 **._x000D_ * 10x oxygen release vs Vanish® Gel._x000D_ 1According to tested conditions on 100% cotton fabric, following machine wash instructions, using Vanish® at each wash cycle._x000D_ 2As perspiration, feet and food in 100% cotton garments following instructions for use soak.


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