Total Natural OMEGA-3 (160 caps)



Total Natural Omega-3 (160 caps)

Fatty acids form the basis of fat, which is one of the components of food and is the main source of energy stored in our body, as well as being part of the molecular structure of our membranes. Saturated fats are those found in meat and tend to develop cardiovascular disease. OMEGA 3 is an important poly-unsaturated acid, since it performs different functions within our body. Under stress these acids are released and by oxidation they form the eicosanoid hormones of OMEGA 3, which are cardio-protective since they reduce the amount of arterial fat and inhibit the formation of clots. OMEGA 3 prevents the formation of cardio-antagonist eicosanoids.

  • Bottle with 160 capsules of 1000 mg.
  • Use: Coadjuvant in the treatment for the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Dose: 2 capsules half an hour before the 2 main meals. Orally.
  • Composition: Salmon oil 1000 mg
  • Active principle: Omega 3 (EPA – DHA).

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