Total Natural EQUILIBRA BALANCE Bottle



Seeking a comprehensive, healthy solution to regulate and control body weight, the team of researchers and nutrition experts at Total Natural have formulated Equilibra Balance®, the new natural supplement for weight loss, which acts directly on the control of anxiety; generating positive results in the weight loss process and in turn raising the state of personal satisfaction when reaching the goal of the desired body weight. Equilibra Balance® is formulated 100% based on natural extracts, a perfect and careful combination of capsules and shake that optimize physical performance, stabilizing the vitamin and mineral levels in the body, to generate an adequate balance in body needs.

Presentation: Bottle: with 60 capsules 300 mcg.

Therapeutic Indication: Food supplements that by its components acts directly as a complement in the weight loss process.

Composition: Bottle: Crocus sativum 0.3% … 200 mg, Cinnamon zeylanicum 10: 1 … 200 mg, Chromium piccolinate … 300 mg.


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