Total Natural ANDROGRIPAN Immune System Booster



Every year with the arrival of rains and cold, viruses test the immune system and with this the most common disease in the world “the flu”.

Fortunately, you don’t need to stay in bed for an entire week, as Total Natural® has the first NATURAL product that has been shown to reduce the flu in 3 to 4 days.

Androgripan® the treatment with its powerful natural extracts that strengthens the body, gives the ability to react to exposure to various influenza viruses and quickly alleviates symptoms.

Ideal for the winter season, as it effectively prevents contagion or, if the condition is already present, reduces the symptoms and the time the virus is present in the body.

Androgripan® is the perfect treatment for the whole family since it does not alter the body, it does not cause drowsiness or sedative effects like synthetic products, it has also been shown to increase resistance to future infections.

Say goodbye to the flu!

How does Androgripan® work in the body?

  • Stimulators of the body’s defenses, as it strengthens cell tissue, increasing the protection and resistance of cells to attacks by bacteria.
  • It exerts a powerful antiviral activity.
  • Increases the synthesis and release of corticosteroids, the same ones that exert anti-inflammatory effects.

Product Information:

  • Box with 30 capsules of 350mg.
  • Use: Formulated for the treatment and prevention of influenza.
  • Dose: 1 capsule every 6 hours. Orally.
  • Composition: Andrographis paniculata (leaves) 150 mg
    Echinacea purpurea (root) 100 mg


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