2 Units / 31.5 oz OxiClean Stain Remover Spray (PriceSmart)



OxiClean Stain Remover Spray 2 Units / 31.5 oz (PriceSmart)


Fast-acting spray stain remover. A powerful, fast-acting and convenient laundry pre-treater. Easy and safe oxygen-based formula safe for colors | Catch stains before they get into the wash, and you can get them out the first time—saving your clothes and your peace of mind. All it takes is a concentrated dose of OxiClean™ Laundry Stain Remover Spray and less than 10 minutes to let the formula safely soak in | 1. Spray directly onto the spot or stain until saturated. 2. Rub into fabric and let stand for up to 10 minutes depending upon the severity of the stain. 3. Wash item with your normal detergent.


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