1 Liter (Dilute 1:10) Natural Grease Remover (Market & More)


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Natural Concentrated Grease Remover Supplied by EMANA Zero Waste

ECOCLEAN degreaser is specially thought for the industry; With its powerful formula removes grease from metals, wood, plastics, work tables, walls with coatings, delicate paints, ceilings, water tanks, kitchens, fireplaces, grills, grease removers and motor oils.

The biodegradable power developed in the power of a product removes grease.


Biodegradable product under the OECD-test 301 F determination method, complete product
Cuts tough grease and removes dirt
It is not corrosive
Without colorants
Not flammable
Concentrated product for higher performance
No impact on rivers or aquatic life
Suitable for treatment plants and septic tanks
Environmental Characteristics:

Does not contain butyl, acids, glycol, ether
Free of phosphates and caustic substances
Does not contain chlorine, ammonia, or VOCs
Contains no hazardous chemicals
It is not toxic
Presentations available:

Recommended dosage: To obtain a better performance it is recommended to dilute 380ml (1 cup and a half) in a gallon of water.
It is recommended to use in a spray, atomizer or automatic gun when applying, with the help of a cloth or brush to scrub and then rinse with water.
For each gallon, an average of 2000m2 can be cleaned, considering the type of dirt.

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