Felicity Solar 40 Watt Portable Solar System (BioLite)



Felicity Solar 40 Watt Solar System SDCM0340

Made up of a solar panel, battery base station, and 3xLED lights- It’s a very versatile kit. Charge the base station from the solar panel. Then you have almost 15WH of power at your fingertips, which can provide up to 30 hours of light, or a whole lot of USB charging. All lighting controls are easily managed using the included remote control. Easy!

Unlike other systems on the market which use heavy lead-acid batteries, this system includes a lightweight, portable, high capacity reliable battery. It’s a great solution for lighting when mains electricity is not available.

Data Sheet


SDCM Technical Data Sheet
Model SDCM0340
Solar Panel 6V/40W*1PC
Battery 3.2V/180Wh
Max output power 40W
Accessories details
Solar panel with 3m cabel*1PC
12V/1.5W LED light*3PCS
20A Fuse*1PC
0.2m DC cabel*1PC
Output Port
USB port 5V/2A *2PC
DC port 12V/3.3A*5PC
Protection over load
over discharge
over charge
over temperature
short cicuit (Fuse)
Rainy Day ≧3 days (for bulb)
Size 205mm*207mm*90mm
Net Weight 2.4kg
Warranty 3 years(Battery warranty 5years)
Humidity 0-90 %
Temperature 0-55°C ( non-condensing)
Working hours
for 1 LED light(1.5W):120H
for 1 DC Fan(15W):12H
for 1 DC TV(20W):9H
for 1 Iphone 11:20 Times

Additional information

Weight 4653102000000 lbs


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