EBL 1.5V AAA Rechargeable Batteries (BioLite)


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  • 900mWh AAA Rechargeable Batteries: EBL 1.5V USB li-ion AAA battery with high capacity, provide almost the same and steady voltage until the whole cell is depleted, long lasting in the devices.
  • High Performance Li-ion Batteries: EBL high energy density li-ion cell with low self-discharge rate, and 1200 times long cycle life, no memory effects, idea for the household devices like clocks, remote,flashlight. Apple mouse, keyboard, digital camera, toys and more.
  • Quick Charge in 2H: Advanced iQuick charging technology with DC 5V/1A USB input, full charge 4 batteries in 2 hours with included 4 in 1 cable. Build-in LED light shows the charging process, red light on means charging, blue light means fully charged.
  • USB Charging Design: Directly charging the aaa batteries with included 4 in 1 cable, no need extra battery charger. You can freely to connect 1-4 batteries to any USB power supply, such as AC adapter, power bank or computer, convenient to charge.
  • Protected AAA Lithium Batteries: Designed for a safe operation, all batteries are equipped with PCB protected chip, supports multiple safety features, including over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat and short-circuit protection.


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