Bioapteka Hand & Nail Cream Caviar Therapy 100ml (Arpha)



Bioapteka Hand & Nail Cream Caviar Therapy 200ml (Arpha)

Caviar Therapy – a line of cosmetic products with CAVIAR and a marine cocktail of specialties – superfood for the skin, an abundance of valuable proteins, microelements, essential amino acids, and vitamins.

Hand cream with Siberian Ossetra Caviar Extract, Sea-Lift Anti-Age ingredient – Red Seaweed Extract, Collagen and Exotic Natural Oils. Rich in proteins and microelements, the Marine cocktail powerfully stimulates cellular metabolism and regeneration processes, restores water balance and skin elasticity on the hand’s skin. The added urea provides long-lasting protection and hydration, and the hands are gentle with a youthful look. UVA/UVB protects from sun rays.


Caviar extract, Sealift, Collagen, Urea, Natural Almond oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin A, Glycerin.


Apply with circular massage movements on the surface of the hands until fully absorbed.


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