750ml Montes Reserva Malbec Wine ( Chile)



750ml Montes – Reserva Malbec

Origin: Colchagua Valley – Chile.
Variety: 100% Malbec.
Aging: French Oak, 8 months (45% of the wine).
Nose: expressive. Ripe red and black fruits,
obvious floral note. Aromas of sweet spices
reminiscent of vanilla, cherries in syrup, very
well coupled with memories of butterscotch and
Mouth: Smooth entry. It offers us freshness and maturity,
in an exquisite combination of red fruits
and black with subtle spicy touches.
It is generous, harmonious with friendly tannins,
medium intensity and gives us a persistent finish
and very pleasing to the palate.
Optional pairing among others: Fish (tuna and
salmon), white meat, risotto with mushrooms,
pasta (Spegahetti Bolognesa), tenderloin, beef
chorizo, churrasco, roasts and creamy cheeses.


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