330ml Yogi Mate Lemon Green Cold Tea (Excelon)



330ml Yogi Mate Lemon Green Cold Tea (Excelon)


green mate


The mate bush is also called “the green gold of the Indios”. It grows in South America and belongs to genus of ilex. Green mate is used to describe the finest form of processing in which the smoky-earthy and fruity-sweet tasting harvest is fermented for about one month.

lemon grass


Lemon grass contains essential oils and has a strong, lemony-fresh taste. The origins of this plant from the family of grasses that is primarily used in the Asian kitchen are still unclear to this day.



Spearmint is one of the best-known types of mint. It would be hard to imagine the kitchens and gardens of this world without it. The plant belongs to the mint family and grows up to half a metre in height. Its taste is refreshing and highly aromatic.

schisandra berries


Schisandra berries are native to Russia, Korea and Northern China, where they are also known as Wu Wie Zi – the five flavour berries. The ball-shaped fruits are bright red and simultaneously have a sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy taste.

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