2kg Member’s Selection Peach Flavored Iced Tea Mix (PriceSmart)



UNFORGETTABLE FLAVOR: It’s a hot summer day. The sun is out, and the kids are playing. Kick your feet up and treat yourself to a refreshing glass of Peach Flavored Iced Tea from Member’s Selection. Our low calorie iced tea is a great way to stay hydrated and spruce up a boring glass of water. No need to drink it all at once! Our 2 kg (4.4 LBS) bag uses a resealable zip lock design to keep everything fresh for your next glass of tea! | DELICIOUS ICED TEA IN A MATTER OF SECONDS: Making a glass of tea couldn’t be easier. Grab your favorite cup, fill it with chilled or ice water, and add in a couple spoonfuls of peach tea mix to desired taste! No more recycling bottle after bottle of iced tea. Making your own is fast, simple, and so tasty! | SHARE IT WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY: It can be rough trying to get your family to drink enough water. Member’s Selection Peach Tea mix is a great solution for hydration. Our peach tea is a much healthier beverage than soda and energy drinks. It gets you and your family refreshing their bodies with much needed water and nutrients. Make a whole pitcher’s worth, and enjoy it with the family over dinner! They will love it! | TAKE SOME TO WORK OR THE BEACH: A single bag of our Iced Tea Mix makes an incredible 30 liters (31 quarts) of tea. That is enough to drink a whole liter of tea every day for a month. Perhaps you are going to the beach with a group of friends, you can fill a 5 gallon water cooler with ice water and about 2/3 of a bag of Peach Tea mix, and you’ll have a refreshing beverage at your disposal all day! | PICK UP IN CLUB OR HAVE IT DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOU: PriceSmart wants to make shopping with us easier than ever before and that is why we offer in-store pickup, same day delivery, and next day delivery. Whichever situation fits your lifestyle the best, we want to accommodate you, and make sure you have your refreshing Member’s Selection Peach Tea Drink Mix.


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