250ml Edmond Fallot Red Wine Vinegar with Fig



Explore the soft and sensual textures of Merlot in Edmond Fallot’s Red Wine Vinegar. This authentically French vinegar comes in an elegant bottle of 250ml which will guarantee you aromas and flavors you have never tasted before. Grab this Merlot infusion and appreciate the true essence of France.

Try braising your chicken before roasting by combining a ratio of ¼ French vinegar and 3 cups of water or broth. For a vegetarian option, why not drizzle your roasted vegetables with this Merlot vinegar for a smoother taste and texture, or even use it as a salad dressing over raw vegetables.

Edmond Fallot started when Leon Bouley founded a mustard mill in the year 1840. However, it was only after Edmond Fallot took over the business that this mustard-making factory got the recognition it deserved. Today, run by his grandson, we are able to appreciate the authentic tastes of high-quality mustard prepared with raw ingredients as well as bottles of vinegar and vinaigrette.

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