175g Basil Goat Chèvre (Monte Azul)


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175g Basil Goat Chèvre (Monte Azul)

  • Semi-fresh goat cheese, classic French method
  • Ingredients: whole and raw goat’s milk, blueberry jam from the hill (national), crop, rennet, salt
  • Fat 22%, protein 18%, moisture 58%
  • Presentation: 175 gr vacuum packed
    Light, freshly milked milk flavor, pleasant acidity, slightly citric, fresh and unctuous, very creamy
    Soft, light, crumbly, spreadable and very versatile, it combines with both sweet and salty
    Wine: Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Beaujolais, Craft Beer: Pilsen, Wheat, Blonde Ale


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