113g Ferrarini Salame Emilia (Cooler)



The characteristic mixture of selected meats of Salame Emilia Ferrarini composes a chromatic mosaic of white, pink and red in a delicious combination for the palate. After a careful and accurate selection of the meats, a precise cut and an artisanal processing, the Salame Emilia Ferrarini is left to a slow and natural seasoning that gives it its unmistakable and inimitable fragrance.

Thanks to the technology used, the comfortable and practical trays preserve the characteristics of our Salame Emilia for a long time, which remains fresh and fragrant, as if just sliced. 

  • Brand:  Ferrarini
  • Ingredients: Pork leg, salt, flavorings, red wine, sugar, spices. Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate

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Weight 2118402020600 lbs


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